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Caught a great movie last night. The story of Blaze Foley as told by his good friends Townes Van Zandt and Zee. Lots of Gibson cameo appearances and even Kris Kristofferson as Blaze's dad. Eathan Hawke directs this heartbreaker of a life of booze and the trials of a country singer.


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Blaze Foley's story is an interesting one.  Haven't seen the movie, but I've read quite-a-bit about him.  He really was kind of a gentle giant, a big guy.  Very talented writer, especially when writing about everyday circumstances that we all find ourselves facing.  He was known and respected by several of the best songwriters around.  He didn't do any big tours, etc..    It was more like the stuff Townes, Guy Clark, and Jerry Jeff Walker did before they became well-known.   He was more of a guy who played in bars, pool halls, at birthday parties.  He was homeless at times and slept in the bars he'd help sweep-out or he'd sleep on a pool table.  Some so-called legends  haven't had a fraction of his hard times,. yet they're revered as people who had it tough.  His life seems to have been a pretty sad journey.  My favorite song of his is Clay Pigeons.  Over the years I've often thought that he was the guy in the song:  someone trying to start over.....Heard about this movie several months ago, but then it kind of dropped-off my radar.  I definitely want to see it.  Thanks for bringing it up.......There not a great deal on YouTube about him, but there are a handful of his performances at smaller venues.

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As a bar gigger since the mid 70's, these stories were very common. At least out West, at the time.

Being a musician was the ONLY occupation where you were not only permitted to drink on the job, it was expected..... This obviously lead to a lot of problems.

Not familiar with this story and will dig into it, but I knew and worked with some serious talent and many died undiscovered with no videos on youTube. 

Or anything else.

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