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EF 500rcce hum


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I have purchased a new one Epiphone ef500rcce masterbilt and i have a problem. There is a hum when guitar is plugged in (in different amplifiers). But it depends on my position in the room. It is very hard to find a position with no hum. What should i do?

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First thing is to try is probably a different guitar cord, to eliminate or find out if it’s the cord causing the hum.  It’s worth a try since the hum seems to change when you are in different areas of the room.  If using a different cord doesn’t help, you might want to contact the seller about returning the instrument.  Or, you could try calling Epiphone Customer Service first.  They are in Nashville, TN.

Others may have other suggestions.

Keep us posted.

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff





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