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??? about Gibson L Junior Series

More Paul

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I recently reconnected with my granddad's guitar that he had promised  to me as a small child.  It (according to the inside label) is THE GIBSON JUNIOR GUITAR Style L-J No. 77124 manufactured by GIBSON MANDOLIN-GUITAR Co. in Kalamazoo Mich., U.S.A.  The stamp in metal at the bottom of the body reads: PATENTED JULY 19, 1910.  I have never heard of this guitar (style, model etc.) before. Any information about it would be much appreciated. Thanks.  

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A photo would be helpful. The date stamped into the tailpiece is the patent date for that component. They used that same tailpiece for a number of years.

That model was made from 1919 until 1926. It was an entry-level round-hole archtop. It apparently has a couple of unusual characteristics, like using pins in the tailpiece to hold the string ends.  It also has an ebony fretboard.

I've never actually seen one.

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7 hours ago, More Paul said:

i'm guessing the guitar is maybe from the 1930s.


As Nick mentioned above in post #2, this model was made between 1919 & 1926.

Gibson also produced a "junior" mandolin during this period, which had a very similar label.  Both were stripped down models, and did not receive a truss rod like most other Gibsons did in 1922.

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