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Interesting item

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Hello, I came across this item, can anybody shed some light on if it is special, it is inscribed with Gibson Frankfurt 1984. Was that the last year they were made in Kalamazoo  ?

is this collectible ?

Valuable ?

thanks for any info



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Pure conjecture, but using deductive reasoning, I'm going to say that that an item that was on display (or for sale) at the largest musical trade show in Germany at the time, der Musikmesse. 

Picture a NAMM festival, only with better beer and a lot more wine and bratwursts available.

"Musikmesse is the world's leading trade fair for musical instruments and live music as well as music production and music marketing and one of the most important meeting places of the music industry. At Musikmesse you can meet manufacturers, dealers, professional, semiprofessional and amateur musicians in Frankfurt in order to check the latest product news. In addition to the complete product offering numerous workshops, concerts, demonstrations and discussions are held."

I lived in Germany in 1984, and though I only lived 45 kilometers away from that year's Musikmesse in Frankfurt, I sadly did not attend. 

The fold-out, elongated arm/paddle on that tuning key was designed to
a. allow for rapid string winding when mounting new strings
b. make fine tuning adjustments possible during the gig
and, (to my knowledge) just never caught on with the musicians and consumers of the day. 

Collectible, yes. 
Valuable, probably not. 



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I still have similar to these on 3 of my guitars - Schaller crank buttons.  I take care, so mine haven't broken.

Mighty Mite also made 'em.


Looks like a promo item/paperweight to me.  But....what part of your body is it resting on?


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