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Difference between Banner LG-2 and L-00


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The L-OO was discontinued and replaced by the LG-2 very early in the 1940's. Relatively few L-OO's were built after 1940, and they retained the pre-banner logo. The LG-2 was introduced in about 1942, I believe with the banner logo, and the L-OO discontinued at about the same time.

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All through the WWII, Gibson built a lot of "floor sweep" instruments.  The LG-2 all had banners (except for a very few early ones), but they kept making L-00s out of parts.  Many of the wartime L-00s have many Kalamazoo features -- headstock, etc. -- but all were x-braced like all L-00s.  I don't remember seeing any wartime banner L-00s, but there may have been some.

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As others have observed, during the Banner years, Gibson replaced the L flattop (L-00, L-0, L-1, L-2, etc.) with the LG (LG-1, LG-2, LG-3). The first of the LGs  (an LG-2) shipped August 17, 1942.

Gibson based the LG on its classical guitar, the GS, or "gut string" model. Using the GS body mold, Gibson simply adapted the guitar to a 14 fret, steel string configuration. Hence, the designation, LG, or L Gut body style.

In response to dealer demand, Gibson did, however, continue producing  the occasional the L flattop well in the war. The last shipping date I've observed is sometime in 1944 or 1945. I'll search my records.

And, yes, indeed, some of those wartime L-00s featured Banners (as did a few L-50s and at least two lapsteels). Here's a Banner L-00.

The Banner L-00s were quite unlike their pre-war siblings. As Tom has pointed out, many featured Kalamazoo model appointments. In addition, they featured a wartime neck carve and the 2 1/8 inch spring spacing at the saddle instead of the prewar 2 3/8 spec. Truly hybrids.




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