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treated myself to an early Christmas present for the next 3 or 4 years. 2008 ES335 Custom shop. has been in the case on a back shelf in the store since 08. I "discovered" it 5 yrs ago and have been having weekly conjugal visits ever since.  at 59,  I'm stuck between "you only live once" & "you've got bills to pay dumba$$".  but with a minor anxiety attack, I brought her home. it's pretty sweet.



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spelling . pic
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10 hours ago, jdgm said:

Ah now that looks a bit special........[love]

Good story too.  Why didn't the store display it, it would have sold...:-k.

It's destiny, and you can't avoid destiny.


I'm not sure why they didn't hang it up. but I'm glad they didn't. I'm always sending pics of different guitars to my wife and she either ignores me or texts back "NO".  5 years back I sent her a pic of this and she immediately called me saying "omg, thats beautiful, how much ?"    it really plays, feels, sounds great. after all this time it hasn't sunk in that its mine. 

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