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Replacement Tuning Keys....HELP!


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Greetings! I have an inquiry about tuning keys...


I'm looking to get some Schaller Locking Tuners for my 2004 Gibson LP Standard and Flying V. The Gibson site states that both the 2004 LP and the Flying V have stock Kluson Style Green Keys.


The Schaller keys I'm looking into have the following specs...




Will these fit into the slots of my LP and V? Or would I need to get the holes in the headstock drilled out?


Thanks for any helpful replies!

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Without being 100% sure, I think that you're going to have to widen the tuner hole diameter using a hole reamer. I think the Kluson style tuners require 11/32" diameter holes and the Schaller Locking Tuners (at least the ones they have on StewMac) require 13/32" diameter holes. Again I don't know if what I said is 100% valid, personally I would check if the Schaller tuners fitted the tuner holes on my guitar and if not, I would proceed to reaming the holes a bit (masking the front of the headstock so that I wouldn't ruin the finish) and then check again if they fit. If you're not sure about your abilities with a tool in your hands (I'm not saying that I'm a luthier or a tool expert) take your guitars to your local guitar store and ask them if they can do it for you.


One love

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