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AJ-220SCE Box Contents?


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Hello all, I have just purchase an Epiphone AJ-220SCE (in Ebony) Just wondered what is supposed to be in the box, apart from the guitar of course. There's a notice in red saying "Information and Accessories in the box, Do Not Discard" but there was nothing else in the box. I have contacted the dealer (PMT Liverpool) but they are not answering (last time I will use them, shocking after-sales) I don't think even the pre-amp and pickup are as advertised, supposed to be the Shadow Nanoflex, but pretty sure it is the Fishman?

Any advice on box contents would be much appreciated!

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Good morning. 

I just got one delivered from Sweetwater Sound.  Miscellaneous literature, inspection card and allen key for neck adjustment. 

Thats it!  Hope you’re enjoying it. 


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On 8/27/2020 at 12:38 AM, CrAshley said:

Is this guitar playable for a petite 5 ft female? 

Even though it's considered a jumbo, I think you would be fine playing it. Do you have an acoustic now? Strap, strapless, sitting, standing? It's a pretty good guitar for the money.

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