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Hi, my father purchased this Les paul Sg custom in the 70s. A lot of people have argued that it is from the 60s and others the 70s but there is no "made in USA". Fully bound, double split diamond inlay, stop tailpiece, triple gold plated humbuckers, tobacco finish on Mahogany body. Serial number 000513 impressed in to head. Please help settle this debate. 

Thank you! 






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I don't know why there isn't a "Made In USA" stamp on there, but the guitar definitely appears to be 1970's (1973, if the serial number is legit).  The so-called "harmonica" bridge, if original, dates it to no earlier than the early 70's, and the presence of a volute at the head/neck junction is also a 70's feature.  The split diamond also seems to have the 70's look to it (although it hard to examine it in your photo).

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15 hours ago, Sania said:

Hi, my father purchased this Les paul Sg custom in the 70s......


Stating the obvious (hopefully) it is simply a Gibson SG Custom - not a Gibson Les Paul SG Custom. Some prankster has merely screwed a LPC truss-rod cover on it in place of the original. Informally the guitars of this incarnation are known as the 'Type 4 SG' and, yes, 1973 is almost certainly the year of manufacture of this example - which makes it one of the very early ones (the T-4 range was introduced in '73).


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