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Question about Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro 2019


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Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to be in this forum. Since you are all experts in the field, I would like to ask you about a question I have about my guitar.

Recently I bought a new Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro (Alpine White) of the 2019 model, (MADE IN INDONESIA)

The doubt I have is that in the back it does not bring the logo that all Epiphone usually bring where it says the year of the model to which It belongs (I show it in the photos) and the back is blank, just bring the inspection stickers and nothing else.

Is this normal? because I have seen some guitars of the same model as if they bring it but not mine. Is it an original Epiphone guitar?

Thank you for your answers.


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2 hours ago, Red 333 said:

Tengo algo así como veinte Epiphones y ninguno tiene ese sello. Es solo algo que estuvo en uso por poco tiempo.

Rojo 333

Hi, thank you very much for your response, I am a little calmer knowing that fact. He was also investigating and they say he has to see the place of manufacture of the guitar, since the same model can be manufactured in China and Indonesia and the finishes are different. ¿ This is true?

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