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If Gibson Closes Down, Will They Keep The Lounge Open?


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They won't close the lounge or any of the other Forums. Come on. I'm playing. WTF? Come on now.





Hehehe I was just kidding... there's 3 different threads about the same right now... maybe we should mix them with the GC bash thread' date=' you know "I hate Guitar Center, they aren't going to sell gibson anymore because gibson is broke"'](*,)

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Gibson makes really good guitars (and it is not a car maker with the UAW running it). There may be some variation abut HOW MANY guitars they will make each year and what kind of guitars but I am quite sure that Gibson will go on making guitars in some way/shape/manner and form. The company COULD be sold, moved, downsized, etc. But yo9u will still be able to buy a brand new Gibson (some place). They already said they cannot currently make all the guitars they could sell. You do not hear anyone on these pages cussing out their Gibson.


NOR do you here many people cussing out their Yamaha or their Washburn or their Ovation or their Takamine. Lots and lots of brands selling guitars. Granted they are selling fewer guitars in a recession, but they are selling them ALL OVER THE WORLD. There is a DEMAND for nylon acoustic, steel string acoustic, electric, mandolins, bases, etc. People want them. There is a DEMAND (apparently) for $10,000 guitars, $2500 guitars and $100 guitars and you can find them everywhere.


Gibson will not close. The automakers have different problems -- some of it is financing and some is union. Same for airlines, but people still fly and have no doubt that SOME airline will be carrying them in 2050. There are even MORE passenger trains and will continue to be more passenger trains (mostly inter-urban transit)..


There will be orchestras, dance bands, country music -- all kinds of music and entertainment (for as long as mankind walks the planet). Since 1950 the guitar market has grown steadily and yet they could make a good business just from the 1950's market.


Pianos cost $75,000 and $100,000 and are apparently a "project" to tune and yet there are grand pianos everywhere -- performing arts centers, schools, universities, group homes, hospitals .. and private homes! You can rent them, buy them or even borrow them. There is not dearth of demand for pianos. And YET there are MILLIONS of electronic keyboards that could have replaced pianos and have replaced organs (more or less -- except the keyboards ARE organs)


Guitars are light weight, easy to transport, welcome just about anywhere, and fun to play. You can play a guitar if you know ONLY 3 chords! (Teachers, camp counselors, churches, etc.)


Have no doubt that Gibson guitars will survive the recession and will be in business in all of the foreseeable future. Much of the circumstance can change.


One thing that is a serious problem is the supply of wood. The tone wood's are not easy to find (the supply). I think that you wll see the lower price guitars having more laminate and more plastic a/o graphite (like those old Ovations) .. there may even be some purely electronic guitars (some basses like that now)


BUT ..t hat said .. GIBSON is a "name" and somebody will own that name and produce those guitars 50 and 70 years from now.

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