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Stinky Case

Dave F

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No, it's not a new song that I wrote and performed, I'll spare you.

Bought a used guitar last week and the case stunk the high heaven from being in smokey bars. In the past, I tried all the remedies such as baking soda  and cover-up sprays but they had little long lasting affect and I usually just bought a new case.

I thought I'd give this Bissell OXY STAIN DESTROYER a try since it's made for pet accidents and is supposed to eliminate stains and odor's.

Worked great.

I still have a case from the early '70's from my guitar I used back then. It was in the bars for about 5 years. It's next on the list.

Clean case



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I quit smoking in Feb.2008. So it'll be 12 years in Feb. 2020.

All of this gear except the Bose stuff played smoking bars for nearly 2 decades. Those Peavey SP-2's were bought in 1993. And they are carpeted, and so is the Carvin bass amp. They have "aired out" over the last 12 years and don't smell like tobacco. I must admit all of this stuff has done outdoor gigs since the bar years.

I can smell a cigarette a mile away, but none of my gear smells like it after a decade.



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3 hours ago, fortyearspickn said:

Me too, 19 years.

  Let's see.  Say at  $3.50  a pack a day ....  close to  $25 THOUSAND dollars !   Wasted on  rented beer, apparently.  Guitar cases not affected, obviously. 

My wife stopped cold turkey 19 years ago. Says she still wants one every day. 

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I used a car air freshener to disperse an odd case smell.  Don’t remember the brand, but the scent was called Clean Sheets.  Took the guitar out & placed the air freshener in the case (lid closed) for a number of days until I could no longer smell the offending odor.

I chose that particular scent because it was fairly neutral & not overpowering.

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