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A Short Flight With My Dove....


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BK, that's pretty astounding. I never would have thought of a Dove as a blues machine, but it's all in the hands of the player, and you are the Blues King.

You tuned down a full step there?

By the way, the top of that Dove looks a lot older than 2005 in the picture. Does it look that old in real life?

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Thanks for the replies!

I am not really the king of anything, but thanks - king of the naughty dog trainers? King of the beach dog walkers? 

Yep, tuned down a step, tricked me the other week playing along with a friend in his open G! Distracted by all the red paint, it took a whole song of playing in the wrong key before I adjusted down....(the 2 women said it sounded really good. Huh?)

The pawn shop had no history of the guitar to share with me, but there are a couple of possibles.......it has the full Anthem pickup and set up beautifully but very low but the frets are all good and the fretboard is good.....but the top is like a 60 year old instead of 15. So that leaves Detective BK thinking: professional girl playing hard a lot, lot, lot but, in Open D? And they wrote on it!







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I was thinking a pro touring muso, a hit song to flog, 365 dates a year to play and only knows a C chord? The top of the guitar is flogged and fretboard beautiful - neck has capo dings at the 5 and 7 and has a beautiful tone on a melody played up high, so....capo on 7 a lot and guitar top played in to the those same notes? Terrible guitar stand from the 80s?

Yep, a mystery solved by taking it to my tech who will probably know it and say: "Yeah, I used to work on that beast for "Fat Bob, and it had a new board and frets in 2001......"😁

Good deal on it? Depends how you look at it. Yes, I am extremely happy to get a very worn top Gibson Dove that  has a chunky neck with 1.725" nut but plays nice....a huge big D chord is really it's forte. Bang, run for it! I doubt a blues has ever been played on it!😎 But would I get my money back if I sold it at the same pawn shop/used instrument shop today?





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