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BIZARRE Bridge PU issue in Flying V


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I've got a 2009 Flying V (originally came with 490R in neck and 498T in bridge) that is leaving every luthier I've taken it to puzzled so I don't know where else to turn. Regardless of what pickup I put in the bridge, it sounds weak. I've bypassed the controls entirely (wired PU straight to output jack) and no change. I've even taken pickups from my other guitars and placed them in that configuration, with the controls bypassed, and those pickups will then sound weak in the Flying V! I have recordings to document this, and everyone agrees there's a definite loss of gain in any PU placed in the bridge position (I've tried a Seymour Duncan 59 Hybrid, Gibson LiveBucker, and lastly a Super Distortion, all to no avail).  The two recordings attached are both in the bridge position, one from my SG with a CustomBucker (8.1k DCR), and the other from my V with a Super Distortion (13.1k DCR). You would think a Super Distortion would have more gain on the same amp settings but not in this case and idk why. The only modifications made to the guitar aside from the PU replacement was a maestro tremolo installed in lieu of a stoptail piece.  The original 498t went bad a few years ago which prompted the series of replacements. I don't have the pickup anymore so I don't have any info I can provide :(

The loss of gain isn't minor, but very noticeable. My SG with the same pickup in the bridge has the same gain with the volume on 6 or 7 that the V does on 10. Like I said, the controls (on the V) have been bypassed so it shouldn't be a wiring issue. This is killing me because I love that guitar but no matter what I do it sounds anemic. I even tried a DiMarzio Super Distortion (13k output) in the bridge and my SG's CustomBucker (8.1k output) dwarfs it in gain. Tonally, the V sounds fine, just weak. 
If you have any suggestions, I'm dying to hear them. This guitar has been evaluated by several capable luthiers who have left scratching their heads, so all of the obvious steps have already been taken. Please don't suggest simple things like adjusting pole pieces, etc. Believe me, it's already been done. The guitar has the large 1967 style pickguard with the PU's mounted in them, and one luthier has suggested that may be the reason but I doubt it. The SG has a maestro bridge installed like the V does so I also doubt that's the culprit. 
Please please please please help me fix my baby.  I will PayPal $100 to anyone who offers a solution that brings my guitar back to life. 

SG.m4a V.m4a

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