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Les Paul Custom question


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About 20 years ago I walked into a used guitar shop in my town (which is long gone now) and saw a 70's LP Custom in alpine white. I was about 18 years old and didn't have the money at the time, and since then I have lusted at this guitar. It was faded into a gorgeous yellow. I'm a big fan of the Edge and I know he uses a mid-70's model, I believe. 

A couple of questions:

Is it possible buy this guitar brand new from Gibson? (as far as I know, you can only buy a custom in regular white), would it have to be made to measure? 

When did customs start getting maple tops? Would the 70's era (i.e Randy Rhoads) be a 1 piece hog?

Thanks in advance

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Specs on Mr. Rhoad’s Les Paul here:


“The Les Paul Custom, per 1972 spec, had a four-piece body: two layers of mahogany with a thin layer of maple in the middle and a carved maple top. It was white when new, but the nitrocellulose lacquer yellowed over time. It was also heavier than fifties era Les Paul Customs. Randy made only a few cosmetic alterations to the guitar, replacing the brass toggle switchplate and substituting the Grover tuning machines with Schallers. The most noticeable marking on this guitar was Randy’s name engraved on the pickguard. Pickups during this era of construction were Gibson-produced “T-Buckers,” named for the T-shaped tool marking made in the forward bobbin of the pickup”

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