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Electar 30 Tube amp (circa 1998)

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Hi everyone,


I just bought a 1997/1998 Electar 30 Tube Guitar Combo Amp in great condition with a set of 4 Fender Groove Tubes. It sounds great! The instruction pamphlet that was sent with it was very basic and only referenced the “line out” jack as output from the preamp that can be run to a sound board. I assumed that when I plugged a 1/4” cable into it and ran it to the board, that I could still play with full volume through the speaker of the amp. Sadly, the “line out” is acting more like a headphone jack... while it is not cutting the speaker off completely, the sound coming out of the speaker (when a cable is in the “line out” jack) is greatly reduced (almost non-existent). Can anyone tell me why this is happening? There is no explanation in the “brief” manual.   Thanks!


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Thanks for your reply, Bill! You answered my question... at least I know that the loss of sound from the speaker when plugged into “line out” is the way its wired and not a malfunctioning 1/4” jack.  To your knowledge, is there any other way to have sound from the  speaker as well as a signal to the sound board other than mic’ing the amp?         Thanks!

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One more question... Is is possible to increase the sound output (wattage) by swapping the EL84 power tubes for another pair of tubes. I've read that the can be done with some amps and I'd like to know if it can be done with this Epiphone Electar 30 Tube Amp. Thank you!

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