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Replacing my old 90's?? es335


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Hello All,
Long time reader..

I used to have an ES 335 that I loved dearly, but sadly sold and now really realize what I missed by selling it off. Duh!!

I'm thinking it was a mid 90's maybe early 90's. I bought it in 2000-2001
Here are a few images of the same pic. The case was light brown and had a deep purple-ish pink "fur-lined" interior.
The thing rang like a bell!! And I miss it dearly. I have bought a few Epiphone "Dots" in hopes to replace it, but they had none of the sound. Even my wife was like, "it has a very sweet sound to it". I have files / songs I can also upload if it would help.
What year / model / detail can you all give me on this?


..ok. This site doesn't want me to upload an image. What are alternative options?


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It's kinda funny to think of '90's Guitars as being old! But, here it is almost 2020!

The late '90's & early 2000's was a great period for Gibson Guitars.. I have Les Paul Std. Plus & a Bozeman Masterbilt J-160E from that period.. Both are fabulous Guitars! High Quality time for Gibson's.....

It shouldn't be too hard to find a primo late '90's or early 2000's ES335.... Good luck..

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I am not surprised you miss your 335; when I was teaching in the early 90s I played a couple of then-brand-new ones and I was amazed by how good they were, and remain convinced that during those years Gibson was producing guitars that are easily as good as the 1950s ones - after all that was Henry J's original intention. 

The 2008 one you are looking at is probably very nice too - but how about this one?[love]   The quality was still very high in 2001.


P.S. we all use hosting sites for photos and link/upload from there, for instance I use Postimage which is free and easy to figure out.  

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