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Hello and merry Christmas to all!!My name is troy mcclintock.I have joined this page to increase my knowledge on Gibson and Epiphone  guitars.I am a player.. at least I try...but I love Gibson guitars and also there sister company Epiphone. I recently started buying and selling guitars as a side project to make a little money after having back surgery. In the process i have picked up several old Epiphone les Paul's. It seemed this would be an awesome place to learn and expand my knowledge of guitars in general. I thank you all for welcoming  me to your page..thanks troy


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Merry Christmas, Troy. 
And welcome to the Gibson forums. 

Funny, my younger brother is a fan of Epiphone Les Pauls, and he's owned a few. 
(And his favorite team is the Troy Trojans.  Good stuff.)

I found a dusty, gunked-up Epiphone Les Paul Junior last weekend at a pawnshop in Decatur, as a matter of fact. 
(Single humbucker in the bridge position, 1 Volume, 1 Tone knob)

I cleaned it, polished it, restrung it, and shined it up like a new penny. 
Called him up, and said, "Hey were are you at?"

He replied, "I'm stuck at Best Buy."
(His wife had dragged him Christmas shopping.)
He, like me, hates shopping of all forms and types. 

I told him, "I gotta go to Kroger just down the street from there. Meet in the Kroger parking lot. I have a NGD for you."

"What's a NGD," he asked. 

"You'll see. Just meet me there."

We all rallied in the big parking lot, and I presented Stacey with his new Junior. 
MAN he was happy. 

That was a good day. 



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Hey thank you all so much for welcoming me.I have another quest I'm on .Through the magic of facebook market place I have hooked up with a gentleman with a 2006 Epiphone Zach Wylde custom Black and cream LesPaul. It's a Korean made model by Samic. He was in the hunt for a Epiphone Les Paul standard tobacco burst witch I happen to have one.My guitar is a 2006 also made in china.Its a beautiful guitar. We decided on an even trade mine for his.Just looking for a little feedback about the Zach wylde custom I dont know much  about .Thanks and looking forward to some feedback.Merry Christmas to all!!

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