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Bottleneck on the 2002 Gibson J50


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Thanks Sal!

I recorded with the Neumann KM184 as an overhead.....mic on a boom arm looking down at my head...hoping to avoid peakiness and boom. It can get a bit thin.

I had another practice/play session since. I have now tried the J with my M80, my Sunrise and a Seymour D MagMic and meanwhile the slide has cleaned the rust and food fat off the old strings, a bit. But the 3rd string is toneless like it is an old Black Diamond.




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1 hour ago, j45nick said:


OK, we know it sounds great as a bottleneck guitar with ancient strings. How about some new strings to see what she can really do?


Thanks Nick.

New strings on Saturday afternoon....

Meanwhile I will experiment with my Open G list...can never have enough.

(Hey, I have a friend who doesn’t know how to change guitar strings. True. It is no joy playing his guitar, let me tell you. But I was thinking how I know how to change strings and I don’t think anyone showed me - I just worked it out as I went.)





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