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I`ve  owned 3 339`s ! The first one I got was a 2007 when they first came out. After about 3 years the upper horn cracked  in the back! Sent it back to Gibson and they sent me a 2011 one. I had tuning problem with that one , I changed the nut and the tuners and it just never was right! The 3rd one I got is a 2007 and it`s the best one but it has some problems. Who ever slotted the saddles , its just off and my left hand keeps hitting strings and my right hand hits strings that I`m not wanting to hit when I fingerpick. I can make it work but those are 2 problems I didn`t have with the other 2 339`s! I know some of the early ones had some problems, but my question is what about the ones they've made say from 2015 to now 2019? Thanks KDRR

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On 12/18/2019 at 9:21 PM, KDRR said:

Does your 2018 have the C neck?

Sorry, I'm not fussy about neck profiles, and don't follow some descriptions. The "slim taper" and "baseball bat" I get but between them isn't extreme, and I feel comfortable with them. 

This thread contains the reason I don't get into minute details on which is which...



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