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A bit of "Cheating Heart" on my J50....


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This just fell out of it, so I pressed record.... my solo version of Hank William's "Cheating Heart" on my 2002 Gibson J50....(though I could probably say it was a 1955, it sounds so ...old!)








A couple of extra photos I didn't post before...







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2 hours ago, BluesKing777 said:


Thanks Nick and Lars!

I think maybe, for me, this could be better than a 55 because it has a bigger neck and slightly wider nut!





Plus it has scalloped top braces. I would say it's a winner, any way you look at it. In this case, the premature lacquer checking is a plus. Look at the premium you pay for "aged" versions of Martin's  D-18/D-28 Authentics, or the aged versions of the Pre-War models.

And you got yours at a discount (I  hope).

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My thinking too, Nick!

Someone may have relic'd it?

I was watching a show where a couple had hand made distressed bricks and all their timber panels were lightly burnt in Japanese Shou Sugi Ban style. You know, wait for the oven to cool down to a certain temp, give the guitar a quick pass....

New strings tomorrow and it will sound like a 2019 model, i suppose and i will be searching for a pack of Black diamonds!





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OK, busy business been going on!

New strings on the J50...Elixir PB Mediums 13s, cleaned fretboard, bridge as I go, lubed the tuners, rub lead pencil on contact points at nut and bridge for lube of strings........

Noticed the bridge has been slotted but the plastic pins have slots......hmm, someone kept their nice pins?

Couple of the tuners are tight and overall the whole lot aren't much, but I have been spoiled with things like the Schaller M6's on my Cargill, Gotoh 510's on Lowdens etc.

I taped the connector lead (needs a new connector soldered on) for the battery to the side of the soundhole to stop it flapping around every time I get up.

J50 sounds great!

Dragged the 59 Gibson LG3 out to have a good comparison....took some photos:


P.S. I just noticed the photos are a bit dark - I have my market umbrella up for shade - here, it was 115 or abouts yesterday, about 70 and humid now.....















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