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Does the 2019 SG Standard have a PCB board?


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1 hour ago, SteveFord said:

I did the same thing a few years back and they said oh, no point to point wiring.

Guess what?  PCB board.

You need to get someone who owns one to pull off the control plate and take a look.

I had an SG Std from the 20?? I bought used with a PC board. I ripped it out and started from scratch. 

So your out 4 pots and 2 caps and some wire. The jack and switch should be there. 

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My 2018 SG Standard 61 had PCB board, which I traded for a Original Collection (2019) SG Standard 61 and that one is hand wired. The reason I traded was not the wiring, but the neck on the original collection felt better to me than the 2018 one. I believe the Modern Collection SG Standard have PCB wiring, but I could be wrong. 

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