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Are Gibson Custom Shop P90 is different than the regular P90? Best friend


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The current Gibson P-90 Guitars don't give much information on what may be different between the regular P-90 and the Custom P-90, they are listed both ways also including the Dog-Ear and Soap-Bar descriptions. They may be implying that the Custom P-90s, found on upper end Gibsons have improvements, but they don't seem to be talking about it.

The Brian Ray 62 SG Junior does list something slightly different being - Custom Dog-Ear P90 w/ Switchable Induction Coil Circuit


The ES-335 Dot P-90 does list something new - MHS P-90 Rhythm and a MHS P-90 Lead (Rev Pol) - Note this is different from other manufacturers that usually reverse the polarity on the neck P-90 for hum cancelling.

The lower gain Blues-90 with magnet poles, that came on the discontinued Gibson BluesHawk seemed to die from lack of interest possibly because the Blues-90s didn't have the 50s sound, the Epiphone Blueshawk has standard style P-90s and then there was the P-100.
Some of Gibsons 2-Pickup P-90 guitars used the same pickup for Bridge and Neck position with possibly some winding differences, but the same pole spacing. Like my 2004 Les Paul Special.
Epiphone uses different pole spacing on the Bridge and Neck P-90s as a standard, also 2 main styles ie.. P-90 Pro's and P-90 Classics.
The more expensive Gibson Guitars with the Custom P-90s look to have different pole spacing for Neck and Bridge, so the strings align with the poles better.. 
Not a lot of information on the Gibson site about P-90 specs.
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