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Explorer B-2 vs. Explorer B-2 2019 Help


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This is my first post and I searched the forum before asking this. A certain well-known retailer has two versions of the Explorer listed on their website - the Explorer B-2 and Explorer B-2 2019. They are priced much differently - the Explorer B-2 2019 being less expensive. This retailer also has  used model for sale in my local store and I believe it was made in 2019 based on the serial number.  Therefore, I am guessing it is the Explorer B-2 2019. Staff was unable to tell me the differences in the models. They did not have both on hand to look at.  I have looked on the web and cannot find what the differences are. Both are black, have the same controls, and same Dirty Fingers pickups.  Can anyone offer up their wisdom or knowledge with this? 

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