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Suggestion: The 491T as a Gibson Gear product?


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I would like to suggest that the Gibson 491T become a Gibson Gear product.

My favorite pickups are:

Gibson 491T (which I put in the neck for loads of sustain.. I play with high gain)
Dimarzio SD
Epiphone P-100 (1957 LP jr reissue)
Fender Wide Range

I did not like the 70's reissue Dirty Fingers (which is weird because I heard these were Gibsons copy of the Dimarzio SDs).
I would love to see the 491Ts for $50/£50 a pop (60 for chrome covers, 65 for gold) sign me up for four!

So two of my four favorite pickups are Gibson owned.. those P-100s go for $25/£25 on the second-hand market, couldn't Gibson get a slice of that too?



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