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Ah, the gift of music


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I scored some pretty good music this Christmas.

Joe Bonamassa, Live at the Sydney Opera House

Tool, Fear Inoculum, Got all of the goodies that came along with the CD Package. OMG this is some great head music.

Dave Matthews Band, Rhino's Choice, Limited Edition 2 LP Set Translucent Rosé Wine Color Vinyl with MP3 Codes.  Can't go wrong with some live DMB.

What'd ya' get?

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1 hour ago, Tman said:

Who by..you guessed it, The Who.

Yes, me too.

I also downloaded Bob Dylan live in Manchester, England 1966 (the fiery electric set backed by the Band), along with six additional tracks from 1975 (his "Rolling Thunder Revue" tour recorded at the Budokan Theater in Japan).  It is a great mix of live and very electric Bob Dylan.  I called this new album "Bob Dylan - Live in 1966 and 1975" in my iTunes library.  Great album...

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The Beatles 50th Anniv. Abbey Road Box Set.... 

Listened to the 50th Anniv. Mix last night via Headphones... You can definitely hear things you never heard before but not in a bad way. The new Mix is Steller!

I'll be busy listening to the other 3 Albums & reading the Coffee Table Book that came with it...

It was something I wanted!

I've got too many Guitars & need to sell off a few before I get another.. I'm still waiting for Gibson to reissue the 64 Firebird VII like Brian Jones played & an ES Les Paul Goldtop with P90's & Bigsby.. So there wasn't a current Production Gibson Guitar that I don't already own, want or need... 

I'm blessed......

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