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Is this a real 2019 Custom 1962 ES-335 Reissue?


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Hello, I am trying to determine if this is an authentic guitar. I went to my local Authorized Dealer looking for a 2019 Kalamazoo 1962 ES-335 in Sixties cherry and they said that while it is on their official catalogue from Gibson, they never had one and could not find one online. 

I next tried to find one on Reverb and found the following guitar:


and this (possibly original owner) on eBay:


I can’t seem to find many photos of this guitar online, and the ones that I have found have serial numbers that indicate they were made in 2018. I  contacted the seller and he said that’s probably because there were very few of these made in 2019.

I have no idea if this guitar/case are authentic because there are no photos of this guitar on the Gibson website. Admittedly, I also don’t have the best trained eye for these things, so I’m hoping someone in the community might be able to assist.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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It sounds like you are trying to find pictures to authenticate a guitar you are considering.  In your original post, you have two different links with pics to two different guitars that look (at least to my eye) identical.  The fact that the two links are identical (at least to my eye) should be enough in my book to use these pics for your authentication process.  Either that ... or maybe I mis-understood the original post entirely ...

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The first guitar listed is a regular 335 in a upgraded finish.  The second one is the 1962 Reissue.  It's about a $5,000 guitar.  I think they may be discontinued at this point.  Here's the description from Sweetwater -


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