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Does Gibson own Marshall


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Hi everyone,

I recently tried to by a Marshall head from Anderton’s in the UK on a killer deal, but they told me 4 days after I ordered that they couldn’t send it to me because Gibson told them, they are only a Marshall dealer for the UK/EU. I can’t find anything online that suggests Gibson owns or has any sway in where Marshall vendors can distribute. Is this just a poorly documented relationship? Is Gibson throwing their weight around here, or is Anderton’s making excuses? 


Here’s the portion of the email I received discussing the reason for cancelling my order: 


“We have recently been informed by Gibson that we are an EU-only dealer for Marshall products and under their instruction are only able to sell these particular brands within this territory. As a result we are unable to fulfil your order and apologise for any disappointment caused.”

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Marshall Amplifiers is still listed on the web as a British owned company and distributed by Korg in the US. I wonder if the recent news that most of the UK is separating from the EU because of their strong local economy is effecting EU sales. They also mentioned that Ireland is remaining connected to the EU.

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Some agreement between Gibson and the seller prohibits the seller from selling back(I'm assuming) to America.  Many international entities have to set up costs and revenues based on where the stuff is going/selling/delivered.  If the seller starts selling Marshalls back(I'm assuming) to America, they could conceivably start selling Gibsons back to America.

Something along those lines.


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was good they cleared that up and admitting someone just dropped a wrong name.

I can assure yous guys from my very own personal experience in dealing with issues with Marshall amps that, Korg is indeed the company in the US that handles all Marshall warranty and support.     They are head quartered out of New York.  Gibson has nothing to do with any of this.

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