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Walking Back to Georgia


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Huge Croce fane here!  Still remember the day Jim and Maury’s plane went down..  I was in shock.  Jim was one of a kind and Maury’s amazing talent was brilliant, subtle, but brilliant.

nice job with this, Sal.  Jim Croce can be tricky to pull off.  You did him proud.


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Congratulations- you got this song/ this progression stuck in my head since I first heard your clip. . . had to pick up the guitar, and make some mellow. 

Sound quality is so good- what were the mics? Did you just start using the Scarlett audio interface, and where did the signal go from there? 

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Thanks all... and Happy New Year to you.


62... I used two mics... a Shure SM58 which is my trusty bar mic for vocals, and a $100 condenser Audio Technica 2035 for the vocals. Those two lines went into the Scarlett, which went into garageband on my Mac. The Shure is quiet... So I had to emphasize the signal more in garageband, where I also added a little reverb to each track.


I bet if I had a more appropriate mic for the guitar... maybe a pencil mic or something, I could go better, but this is what I have.

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