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The Gibson's that I've owned/played.


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My first Gibson was a modified DC Melody Maker from 60's. She was wearing a PAF in the rhythm post and an older P-90 screamer @ bridge. Upgraded  Tune O'Matic & Schaller pegs. I loved playing that little necked screamer.  My other Gibsons were a '73 Custom. A 2nd MM ala Les Paul mods. I scored a SG/Les Paul @ Leo's music in Oakland, Ca. A 2nd SG Custom born in 1970. Heritage Cherry/3 pups/Gold H'ware etc. A 1970 L.P. Standard Cherry S'Burst from a rich kid who needed $300 to buy a motorbike. I lucked out & "from a closet" (really) appeared a 1958 L.P.Jr. 3/4/ neck.  Bonus prize was a 1958 Fender Champ. (This was a good day). My Lead guitarist found a 1958 Flying Vee under the stage that Moby Grape had used and forget to look around for strays. (wow). Nino Rugeriello played the Hell out of that. The rest in The Gibson history files sound on. 


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