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The cheap tuners used on the lower end Epiphones can cause a lot of heartache trying to get them in tune, specially when they get worn-out. Replacing them will breathe new life into your guitar. I recently replaced the tuners on my Les Paul Special II with "Wilkinson" a Kluson style like Gibson uses "without threaded bushings", so I didn't have to enlarge the post holes. If you use a type similar to Grovers the post hole will have to be enlarged for the "threaded bushing". Also the tuner ratio should be considered like 18:1 will be finer where a 14:1 will be faster responding, different ratios in between are also available. The trick is whether fast turning or slow turning is how solid and smooth they feel. There are several different affordable manufacturers of tuners price ranging from about $15 to about $45 a set like Grover, Wilkinson and Gotoh, I have even seen Kluson selling for about $30 a set. There are many high end tuners that will cost you an arm and a leg, but fore mentioned tuners will work quite well.

The best way to cure tuning problems is to get better Machine Heads and make sure the "nut" isn't pinching the strings.


s-l300.jpgStock Tuner

61ja0N6FBnL._SY355_.jpg61QEA94kF9L._AC_UY218_ML3_.jpga Wilkinson (Kulson style)

%2524_57__42431.1512578055.1024.768.jpgGrover w/threaded bushing requires drilling to enlarge the post hole.

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New to guitar here, but I paid about $50 to have my Special II set up a professional. He spent a lot of time filing and working on the nut. However, once his entire set-up was complete, I've had really no problems with the guitar staying in tune. I can tell that a lot of the components of this guitar are cheap (right away we had to replace the output jack). But I've been really happy with the tuning stability on mine.

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