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NGD: 2001 Gibson ES-335


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Was blessed with this awesome 335 for Christmas this year. 2001 ES335 in Vintage Sunburst with nice figuring. Family all pitched in and got it from my uncle, who is the original owner of it. It is really an amazing guitar. It came with the black top hat knobs and white switch tip, I had put the black reflector knobs and the amber switch tip on to change it up a bit, I like how the knobs match the pickups and rings. I'm normally not a fan of the slim taper neck, but this neck just feels perfect and plays effortlessly. It has the stock 57 Classic pickups in it, and they sound great in this guitar.


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3 hours ago, bobouz said:

Looks very nice!

Just curious - was it built in Nashville or Memphis?

Thanks! It was built in Memphis. I had that same question because I know Gibson opened the Memphis factory in 2000. So I contacted Gibson and they confirmed it was Memphis. 


23 minutes ago, tx-ogre said:

Very nice.  Congrats.  I love my 335.  Incredibly versatile.


Thanks! Yeah it covers a lot of ground

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On 1/5/2020 at 11:10 PM, Djhblues said:

Beautiful guitar, mate. Enjoy! By the way, what's the rest of your rig? Curious what your go to amp is with this guitar?

Thanks! For my amp I have the Boss Katana 100 combo - very versatile. Also have a small Orange that I plug into every now and then to make sure it still works lol.

Also have a Line6 Pod HD500X to go direct, using my own patches I've edited. 
For effects I use the three Boss 500 series pedals - Modulation, Delay, and Reverb. I can run it through the effects loop of either the amp or the Pod.

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