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Wiring diagram needed


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Putting this in the lounge hoping for a wider audience.


I'm planning on an Explorer soon and would like to update swap out the pups (not 100% sure yet on which ones but WCR's or Bare Knuckles are contenders) and coil tap them but would also like a push pull pot on the tone to put them in series or parallel.


I can't find a diagram for that one. While I can wield a mean soldering iron, I need instructions as the only thing worse that my electronics knowledge is my guitar playing... really! I'm a 3 chord kinda guy:-$ but I play them loud and with feeling.

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Thanks Guys


The more I research, the more I wonder if it,s possible with 2 volume and 1 tone push pull pot.


I have an LP with Gibson Jimmy Page wiring and I find I never use the in/out phase push pull pot (lead tone). I was hoping a setup would be easily available that simply deleted the lead tone pot leaving a master tone that would provide the series / parallel option.


I wish I had have taken notice now in those electronics classes all those years ago...

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