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12 minutes ago, zombywoof said:

I also keep Viirtuoso on hand and Fret Doctor for the board.  But most of the time I simply use  cheesecloth  slightly dampened  with distilled water.

I have Virtuoso as well, but not sure I like it or not.  It cleans and shines it up very nice, but makes it super slippery to the point you have to beware if you're playing sitting down.  It also puts a coat of something on a surface you want to be free to vibrate as best as possible.  Although probably indistinguishable,  just cleaning it how ZW mentions makes most sense to me.

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I find all I need is some warm water and a soft cloth too.  There's also this stuff called "Smudge Off" which is pretty light and water based.  Works on everything and leaves nothing behind.

That said,  to get arm haze off or sweat residue, like what you'd get after having an out door gig in July,  Virtuoso is pretty good.  But also, nothing works quite as well on our beloved Gibsons as a bottle of good old Gibson Pump Polish.


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