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What is this Les Paul?

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Howdy, new here and hoping to get details on a recent purchase. I can’t seem to find any documentation or even a photo of this  model. The serial says it’s a April 2007 Les Paul, and it appears to be a Les Paul Standard  Double Cut Semi-Hollow body?  The single f-hole and also the position of the pickup selector switch doesn’t jive with other similar models that I’ve seen. Thanks to those who may know and can enlighten me!



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3 hours ago, diskotekno said:

Any chance of more pics? Might just be the angle but the heel of the neck on that looks really odd.

I couldn't find any references to such a model. I did find a forum post where someone asked about the weight reductioin of a regular DC to see if they could modify one to have an f-hole.

That would be an odd modification,  but who knows! Here’s pics of the back of the neck.




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On 1/5/2020 at 2:44 AM, diskotekno said:

Those other pics look ok.

Have you sent the serial number off to Gibson customer support yet? I'd be curious to what details they can provide. It's a cool model all I can assume is it is a special run that just hasn't been documented very well (like so many of them).

Yes the info that they emailed me back was that is was simply a 2009 model.  Yes, I’m leaning toward the same  conclusion, possibly a Guitar Center limited run... 

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