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Rare epiphone 335

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Hi. I have great difficulties to identifie this epiphone 335. It is quite vintage as the binding has turn yellow.  But the headstock shape is very unsusual on that model! It has the crown inlay. I have no serial at the back and no sticker inside...

I think it is a rare version. Please help me!

Thanks a lot ;-)



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I've seen one of these show up years ago. Not exactly sure what it is. It's obviously some version of the 335/Dot, but it predates the dot release in 1997. I can tell it's older than 1997 by the angle of the logo on the headstock. It's probably from 1996, as that was the last year that the logo went straight across the headstock instead of on an angle like you see on all Epiphones from 1997 until the current day. As well, neither the production model dot, nor 335 came with the clipped ear headstock.  In 2000 Epiphone changed headstocks from the clipped ear style to the elongated style, but that was mainly on acoustic guitars and this guitar predates those.

The binding on the neck is curious too. 

My only guess is that this is either a prototype or a pre-production test market run. The lack of a label is odd as well, and thats where the serial number should be. 

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Sometimes these oddballs show up and there's just no explanation for them that we have access to.


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