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2 hours ago, AzariahJames said:

I was able to play a couple of his AJ models at a guitar shop in Lawrence KS, they are super light and have an amazing tone.


I am guessing that would be Jim Baggett's  Mass Street Music.   There is another really great guitar shop 20 minutes down the road in Topeka - the Kansas Guitar Exchange. 

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On 1/4/2020 at 8:19 PM, Jinder said:

Great sounding instrument. It either has a startling amount of "pop" and bloom, or some compression has been added in post-production...if it's coming from the guitar itself, it's an incredible tonal quality. 


I agree. It does sound like something in the mix chain chain dimmed, though it could always be YouTube's conversion. But it doesn't make up tone. To me, that guitar sounds like someone wanted a Froggy Bottom , but with the low end enhanced and high-mids rolled down. Imagine the sonic ground one could cover with one of each. 🙂  

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