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Justice is served - ice cold


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Taken from an Associated Press story

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, Oklahoma is a Maximum Security facility for the worst of the worst.

Should be no surprise that a 23-year-old inmate was beaten to death by his cellmate, right?


Prison spokesman Jerry Massie says Paul Duran Jr. fought with one cellmate and then was put in a cell with another.

Duran was found beaten to death about 15 minutes later.

Fast work, eh?


Duran and another man named Jessie James Dalton were co-defendants in the January 2002 shooting death of Billy Wayne Ray in Oklahoma City. Duran pleaded guilty only to a robbery charge and testified against Dalton - who was then convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole.

Sounds like the kind of snitch who would save himself and sink anybody else, and we know what happens to guys like that when they wind up in the right cell with the right cellmate, eh?


So, who did Duran get for his cellmate on that lucky day?

Jessie James Dalton.

Yep, he had been put in a cell with convicted killer he had testified against and helped him get life without parole.

In 15 minutes, justice was served - ice cold.



Massie says the two were not supposed to be put in the same cell, prison officials are trying to determine how it happened, and that investigators will present their findings to a district attorney who will decide if criminal charges will be filed.


Maybe Massie knows of a strategy to alleviate prison over-crowding.

Good job!

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That's just plain brutal.


Whether the guy was a snitch or not, the D.A. made a deal with him. The same way they make deals on a daily basis in every state. It's the only way they can get murder convictions in many of these cases.


I bet the DA in their case has a hell of a time getting any more criminals to make deals with him, and in the end, the public suffers.


Way to go warden. I hope someone beats you to death in a cell.

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Well he actually did serve life without parole. It was a short life. That's all. He managed to help murder somebody before he was murdered. He also managed to help his murder-partner get convicted. Other very young lives have been lost doing something GOOD. (Anzio, Chosan, Imjim, KheSan, Taffy 3, Ruben James, Savo Island, Iron Bottom, Iwo, Omaha Beach). In this guy's case it was two zygotes too many. (you know how those goats are ...)

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Huge Atta boy and the state saved on food' date=' clothes and senseless court cases filed by the cons.[/quote']


How do they deserve an atta boy?


Now they have a new murder to prosecute, plus all the money spent investigating who is to be held responsible for the death of an inmate.


Looks like the tax payer gets shafted all the worse to me, not to mention the loss of cred for the D.A.s office.

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