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Still crazy......

Buc McMaster

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Happy 2020 all!  Hope all is well in your worlds!

Been off with other things of late......haven't even been playing lately.  But yesterday I managed to find at the guitar in the closet and thought I'd give dropped D a try..........  Down a half step in drop D, capo at 2 for vocal accommodation.........




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Outstanding, Buc!

Love the look of that J-45. It's very similar to the dark overall top on the 1950 J-45 I bought last year.

Is that your own arrangement, or did you find it somewhere?

I was afraid for a minute you were going to sing it in Stevie Winwood's  range, which I can't possibly achieve, and never could. This is pretty comfortable.

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36 minutes ago, Buc McMaster said:

Thanks, fellas.

Nick:  stole this from a Winwood solo acoustic version I found on the web.  I drop an extra note in a couple of the chords that make it sound a bit different but it's quite similar.  And I agree, his vocal register for that one is clean outta sight.


Yeah, I assume it's that video where he's playing the 000-42 by the crackling fire. That guy has a set of pipes, still.

And yours ain't bad..., still.

Winwood is often seriously underrated as a guitarist as well.

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