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Steinberger Bass / early 80s / string saddles ?

Uncle Freddy

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greetings and welcome to 2020 all .....I am in need of locating a set of 4 string saddles for a Steinberger bass from the early (to mid) 80s I am restoring .....see pic, I just need the 4 string saddles ....any concrete direction to a set would be fantastic, I've already sent Steingberger (Gibson) a note asking for their assist as well .....all help & pointers highly appreciated, THANK YOU 


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Uncle Freddy,

this is the type of bridge which has been installed on Steinberger Spirits (and Hohner basses), not the bridge mounted on USA instruments. Hohner in Germany has stopped making headless instruments two years ago, but they still have a few spare parts available (selling them off, once gone then gone). However, they don't ship to the US, so if you are there, you'd need somebody in Europe to order and ship them for you. Do you know somebody there?



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Be.eM ....THANK YOU for this informative reply ....I have an entire bridge coming from a seller that I may utilize entirely or just pull the 4 saddles, but I will keep your reference for the Spirit spare parts from Hohner in Germany .....interestingly, I do have a friend in Germany who I can contact about ordering from Hohner there, so that's a big plus .....again, thank you Bernd 

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