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Thanks, as far as I can tell It’s all original and I’ve had it since the early 90s and haven’t changed anything.

9 hours ago, ksdaddy said:

It was made prior to the standardization of Gibsons's serial numbers, which occurred sometime in 1977.  Many Gibsons of 76-77 had serial numbers that began with 99 or 00, so maybe yours is a '75 or so? If the pots are original, that can narrow it down a lot too.


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4 hours ago, MrTOPrice said:


The image shows a possible neck repair at the bottom, like a new headstock was grafted on. Update Note:: unless they did made them that way??

The serial number you listed Guitar Insite decoder shows it being made at a time when there was a serial number overlap.. 

The history wiki of the S1 shows it being produced from 1974 to 1980

Serial number: 963986

Production year: 1959 
(Only applies to solidbody) 
Manufactured in Nashville
Production year: 1968 
(if 'Made in USA' on headstock) 
Manufactured in Kalamazoo
Production year: 1970 - 1972 
(if 'Made in USA' on headstock) 
(Year overlap as a result of the 70's random method)
For more accurate annual determination for electric models see:potmeters
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