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Pickguard thickness


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What can you tell me about the various types of pickguards on recent J 45's?  I have seen postings of J 45's from the last few years and some seem to have thin pickguards that are flush to the top and some are thicker with beveled/rounded edges.  Are these both legit?  What accounts for the inconsistency in usage?  Thanks!

Here are two examples with different pickguards...



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these are both standard models FYI. Not Vintage or True Vintage.  The Violin Sunburst model appears to have the thinner more rigid pick guard that was used up until 2015? the other standard has the common “flubber” guard. It’s malleable and some say “tone robbing” but I couldn’t tell.

the flubber guards tend to peel up from what I have read. 

by the way you can always swap out the guard. GuitarGal in Nashville and Holter Pick Guards both sell a gorgeous beveled guard. Cost $45-60.




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I do not recommend the thick flubber guard on any Gibson....What you don't want is that thicker rubber (flubber) pick guard. I didn't find much difference in tone on my 2013 Hummingbird with the flubber guard...but it DID lift and peel off within a year causing me much grief and stress. For years now, these thick Gibson flubber pick guards have been notorious for pulling up and peeling off the top of the guitar.... I just bought a new 2019 Gibson J-45 M ...but for some reason it had the standard celluloid thin pick guard. While some others of the same model had the flubber guard on it. Crazy right?  But If mine had been fitted with a flubber guard, I would not have bought it.  My Hummingbird peeling flubber guard taught me a hard lesson. Thinner is better..for tone..and for longevity, but the decision is up to you.  I also own a J-45 standard guitar form 2015..it has the standard thin pick guard...which is why I bought it. If it had been fitted with a peeling rubber flubber guard as the new ones now are..I would not have bought it. Hope this helps.

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Hi! I've bought online a Gibson J-15 walnut sunburst late 2019 and mine also came with the thin pickguard ...
but most of the J15 came with the thicker picguard !!!!  

The sunburst on my J15 it also came a bit darker than usual ... a really dark brown ... 

i was really surprised !!!! but thrilled ... cause i dint like that much the "rubber" pickguard ... and i kinda wished that walnut sunburst was darker ...
guess what my dreams came true... :)

i wonder if i got a special edition or so ? !!!!

but what it really matters its the sound .... and mine sounds ... wonderful ...

Greetings from Portugal
Stay Safe & Keep Rockin


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