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I have Gibson cs336 2002yr


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Hi all, my father was a fantastic guitarist. Unfortunately he has Alzheimer's and can no longer play. My mum has asked me to look into value of his Gibson CS 336. She's not sure whether to sell it or not. I said I would find out. I think it was created in 2002. It is black. Can any of you guys give me a steer on this as my mum is pretty emotional and I don't want her getting ripped off.

Thanks in advance


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Sorry about your father - time takes all of us but Alzheimer's is a particularly tough one, saw it with my own mother.

Anyway, you can check pricing generally for most used models at Reverb.com. Take a look at this (just did a quick search for you, the results are here: https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=CS-336). Of course, asking price and selling price usually are not the same so if you check the sold listings only, the average price is at the lower end of the range quoted here. Anyway, that's how I get a sense of the price when I buy/sell. 

I have a 2006 356 which is one of my favorite guitars, so you should be able to sell yours easily if that is the route you decide. Good luck.

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