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Favorite song to play?


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Since Ive been loving you..


Iam going through an acoustic stage at the moment.... Its almost BBQ season and the parties where the guitar is passed around...


I like Starsailor's acoustic stuff... so im playing loads of that at the moment.. with a bit of Counting Crows chucked in!



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No favorite... but some I seem to enjoy frequently


Hendrix: Voodoo Chile (slight return) and The Wind Cries Mary

Free: Mr. Big and All Right Now

ZZ Top: Balinese and La Grange

James Gang: Funk #49

Steppenwolf: The Pusher

The Who: Can't Explain, My Generation, We're Not Gonna Take It - usually played as a medley

UFO: Too Hot to Handle

Thin Lizzy: Jailbreak


Most of them morph into something. I don't generally play them correctly - or at least not for long.


I also have a bunch of my own stuff that I play all the time - not full songs, but riffs, patterns, chord changes. I don't have names for them - but have been playing them for years. I use them as reference points for sound - like if I want to check out an amp's bass I play this little thing in E. Midrange? This other thing in A. Squealies? This thing in B. It's weird, but since I know exactly what those little bits should sound like, they are like my sound check.

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Loads of old favourites.


Jigsaw Puzzle blues - PG's FM

Steppin' Out - 'Beano' version.

Nobody knows you.....- Besssie Smith style.

Amazing - Aerosmith (never fails to put a smile on my face).

Sophisticated Lady - Joe Pass-style (I wish...)


And I've come across an unusually 'laid-back-salsa' style version of Route-66 which is actually performed by Chuck Berry. It really works!

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