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help identifying SG !!

luke cj

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i need help with any info on this SG.

I purchased a second hand Epiphone SG a couple years ago and Ive never been able to identify what model it is or see any others kicking around. 

all other Epiphone SG's ive seen have different specs and i dont believe mine has been moded. 

i havent found any other SG with a batwing pickguard, grover tuners, trapezoid inlays and chrome humbuckers. 


i understand it says limited edition custom shop on the back of the headstock, meaning it may possibly be a one off,  but surely theres something online that acknowledges the existence of this guitar or something.

(also quality seems good and not a fake, frets are nice but the action is a little high on the 12th fret and the bridge is bottomed out) 





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I'm new to Epi and  don't know exactly what your SG is but I just bought a new (limited edition) 1966 replica G-400 Pro that matches yours except for the classic tuners.  Mine is cherry but they made black too.  I've seen video reviews of this model from two years ago but it has recently disappeared from the website, replaced by the 1961 version.  Okay, I just found the 1966 model on their website but it is now only available in a silver burst color.


I like the batwing pickguard and love the guitar.  There are still some new ones around for approx. $430.

Sorry I don't have specifics on yours, just trying to add to our SG knowledge.




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Thanks for the help.

yea, batwing pick-guards look ace.  i got it second hand for £120. the 1966 reissue SG is the closest thing i can find, on photos the black colour-way, the tuners look like grovers and not the classic Kluson's seen on the cherry. it makes no sense but the Epiphone SG wiki page is all the info i can find. 

the only annoying part of the guitar is how the bridge is mounted. there aren't holes in the pick-guard for the bridge posts to sit in like other SG models. the bridge posts friction fit through the pick-guard and into the body and the bridge bottoms out on-top. my string height at the 12th is annoyingly high. 



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Hi again Luke

I just bought my SG about 10 days ago and am finding more info every day. 

I've seen reviews that are dated 8+ years ago.  Yours isn't marked "Pro" but with those tuners I'm sure it wasn't a lower model.  Mine says "Limited Edition" on the back of the headstock but it seems they were made for about 2 years this time and were probably made in other batches in the past.

I really like the pickguard because of the coverage; this is my first guitar and I'm just learning to control the pick.  Don't want to scratch the body.  Also  the non-batwing models have an extra piece of plastic between the neck and pickup that looks out of place to me.

My bridge adjusters are 1/8" to almost 3/16" above the pickguard.  I think you need to check into replacing your bridge posts; possibly the newer batwings have different posts.

Good Luck!  Randy

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