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Newby with question about necks.


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Hi all,

I am Tony from Cornwall, England. I have played guitars all my life and have 7 guitars of different types. 2 Gibson Les Pauls, 1 Strat, Eko 12 string acoustic, Yamaha 6 string acoustic, Yamaha 4 string bass and an Ibansez 5 string fretless bass.

My fav guitar is the Gibson LP Standard 100th anniversary which has a Taper Slim Asymmetrical neck profile. I am looking to get an Epiphone ES339 PRO which has a Taper Slim 'D' profile. Can someone tell me what the difference is? My other LP is a 2013 Gary Moore Signature with a 50's profile neck, and I just can't get on with that neck. I hope the ES339 has a neck I can get on with.

I look forward to your replies.


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Thanks Twang, just what I wanted to hear. 

Another quick question for you. On my LP Standard 100 I have the pull up/push down volume controls. Very useful for switching between twin and single poles but the tone controls are also pull up/push down. What effect does this have on the sound?

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Hi Tony

I am also in UK.

Here is the Gibson page about the LP 100 - note the diagram of necks. The asymmetrical profile changes as you go up the neck.


And this is from Andertons blurb for a s/h one  -

Electronics: Burst Bucker Pro 1+2 , Push/Pull Coil Taps, Phase changing and Pure Bypass

Reverse polarity rear pickup for authentic single coil combinations


So you can also put the pickups out of phase with each other, and true bypass (I think) will bypass the tone and vol controls so the pickup(s) is/are at 100% vol and tone.

Short  Youtube video about it:


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WOW!! This guitar is 100 times better than I thought it was. I only found out about push/pull controls until this week when I was looking at the specs for the Epiphone ES339 Pro so I was surprised when I got my LP100 out and pulled the controls (I've had the guitar from new since 2015). "I've had them all the time". Now, thanks to your reply JDGM, I realise it has a connection to my other LP.

My other LP is a 2013 Standard Gary Moore Signature and, if you know the history of the guitar, it has reversed poll pickups which makes them out of phase. And now I find out that my LP100 can also have out of phase pickups.  

Thanks for the info and I have started a new love affair with this beautiful guitar.

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