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Gibson Ripper cherryburst finish - are they rare guitars?


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Hi, I came across some info on the net when I was browsing the net for info on rippers. As there were a few sites with info & photos of them and a number for sale on ebay across the world,  I thought I would look a bit further and came across this Gibson forum. I haven't checked it out before so I thought I would post something on it and see if I get any response. I've owned a Gibson Ripper with cherry burst finish since 1975, I bought it when I was sixteen, for the princely sum of £500.00. A lot of money at that time and the sum of all my savings from two years summer employment between school terms. I bought it brand new from a shop in Sauchiehall Street,in Glasgow,Scotland.It was called Cuthbertson's Music but its long gone now. It was the only Ripper I ever saw for sale in Glasgow in the seventies and I had tried it out in the same shop every Saturday for a couple of months before buying it - I'm sure the salesman thought I was chancing my arm and would never stump up the money for it! I had tried out many other bass guitars over a couple of years as I dreamed of owning a professional instrument, after playing a couple of cheap Japanese copies for a couple of years. Loved the sound & the feel of the Ripper and eventually purchased it. I gigged with it for quite a few years in different styles of semi-pro bands and it was a great instrument. I'll take some photos and post them on here when I get a chance, its still in great nick.


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As most of the bassists on this forum have long gone, there is no-one who knows enough to answer your question.

However....they're not that common in any colour these days,  AFAIK. 

Hang on to it if you can.  Anything from the 70s that is good quality is appreciating; I used to have an old, stripped Precision in the 70s.....even that must be worth well into 4 figures now, as a genuine 70s Fender.    I would guess your bass is worth about £1.5k...? :-k

You have probably already seen this site -


Best wishes.

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