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Gibson Hummingbird T-shirt - sweet!


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12 hours ago, Mime said:

I have one.  It’s a nice shirt.  The transfer is not likely to come off.  It’s more like a silk screen. 

Apologies, Mime (and welcome to the 'board). . . issues with pickguards from certain years are kind of an inside joke on the forum- including the Hummingbird's 'guard. Btw-  the flora and fauna graphic was designed by Hartford Snyder, the grandfather of the forum's SirNed. Since they were prone to detaching from the guitar's top. . . some folk got upset, some just pressed them back down, & played on.  Either way, a cool shirt for the cognoscenti- and leaves one wondering if there's a SJ-200 shirt, and a Dove shirt. . . in the wings.

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This shirt is nice, and there are other new ones on their site I like too. However, what I like even more is the move Gibson is so obviously making, with this shirt, the new traditional acoustics etc, to care about its heritage. Good moves!


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