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I have a 2012 SG that I purchased second hand after selling my previous SG that was purchased new at the Mark Music.

Anyway this 2012 has really hot pick ups which the person I purchased it from had told me.

They are way more hot that my previous SG

and my LP standard. I’m wondering what they could be other than taking the guitar apart to see.

I’m told they came on the guitar.


Any ideas?

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I also have a 2012 SG Standard I am the ordinal owner 

This would have a baked maple fret board, (not rosewood)  490r and 498t is  the pickup combo.

Maple is like ebony,  a very hard wood.   IMHO there's a bit more top end just with that.

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1 hour ago, SGgypsyboy said:

I have the initial run of these. SG Standard Limited. Mine was made in December of 2011. They all have the 490R/498T pickups. A few pics with closeup of the maple board which is a great feature.



NICE!   😎


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On 1/25/2020 at 10:12 AM, Strong Heavy said:

How is the neck profile on a 2012 SG Standard ?

I've had two of the 2012 SG Standard Limited, well the one I have now is the first batch of them made in December of 2011. They both have the rounded profile. Not quite baseball bat rounded like an early to mid 2000's SG Special Gloss, but definitely meatier than the slim tapers. They feel great for both chordal and lead work. These all have the torrified maple board .

There was also a 2012 SG Standard (not marked Limited) that had the two layer rosewood board. I can't vouch for what the profile is on those but I haven't seen many .

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