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Hummingbird Sustainable..new Sound demo added

John Joseph

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I've had the Hummingbird Sustainable for a month now. Never played a Sitka top and walnut back and side dread ever. I wasn't sure what to expect. This Gibson has a real dry woody sound probably due to the sparse finish and the projection and volume are as good or maybe better than my HD28. I flatpick and play Carter style bluegrass and Gospel music. The Bird Sustainable just fits this perfect. I never have made any adjustments in the month I've had this Gibson action was perfect even when I went to Tony Rice Martin Monels which by the way seem made for this.IMG_0090.thumb.JPG.04622a1793a56cb4d6468eddc41af1de.JPG

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When I changed to Martin Tony Rice Monels and added a bone saddle to replace the Tusq saddle that gave it a better sound to my ear than this video clip . Which is done with original strings and saddle. It seemed like this model was just asking for a little heavier string . The Tony Rice Monels are a little lighter than mediums but really gave it more punch. The bone saddle brought the low end out a little more and gave the high end better balance.  I really like this walnut back and sides after playing the HD 28 for 15 years it's really a change.

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